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This page serves as a crossroads to various writing samples I've created. Some I do for fun, some are to help others.

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A menagerie


This may be a weird way to view writing content, but I think providing content in the simplest way has the biggest effect.

As such, I’ve tried to categorize things as best as I can. As I create more, I’ll update each section. I hope you find something entertaining or informative.

Git Projects

Working with Git, I am able to contribute to projects that actually need help. I tend to offer suggestions to established products and websites, but a lot of them are so large and established, my suggestions end up at the bottom of the queue. I like to follow Code Triage to find projects in need of my areas of expertise.

Here’s a list of projects to which I’ve committed.

Blog Posts

I’ve pared down my blog posts to be mostly essays that I’ve enjoyed exploring. I think this skill helps me focus my ideas in a more cogent way while being often abstract concepts.


Fiction writing, while not exemplary samples of my ability to write business content, is important to my mental health. I often write stories in my head that take time to make any sense on paper. This keeps me entertained, curious, and attempting new things all the time. Through fiction, I’ve found my voice, and I find this to be a really important skill I’ve developed.


This section includes essays, articles, and other items that I’ve written. I have also included some professional writing samples in here.

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